Brandwise offers the most complete portfolio of Field Marketing services to provide brands with a human face.

Brandwise operates using its years of experience to stimulate brand preference, trigger purchases and realize measurable results. Brandwise will support your goals by creating a well thought campaign to practically attain your targets. Overall goals here are stimulating purchasing behaviour through personal interaction or activation through point of sales. 

Our method is to work from expertise, analysis, measurement and creativity. This makes us the premier specialist in developing result oriented Field Marketing Strategies for both short, -and long term results. With Business Intelligence as a starting point we acts as a strategic consulting partner on the challenges facing your company.

Strategy and execution, to think and to do!

Interactie Marketing: instore & nearstore activation, sampling & promotion, hospitality and consumer fairs

POS Services: outsources sales services, flexibele sales services, merchandising services, auditing services.

Voor retailersinstore activation, technical merchandising, price measurement & auditing.

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